Teens on a Mission

Peer Leaders
Who Care About Our Community

As a teen, you are in a unique position to make real changes within our schools and community as a whole. Peer leadership is at the heart of our organization. Now is your chance to get involved!
Group of kids, lined up against a wall, talking to one another

Stand Out as a Peer Leader

Join our Youth Advisory Committee!

You can make a difference in your community while building your college application or job portfolio.

We need Easthampton teens to join us in planning and executing the work of the coalition. By joining the Advisory Committee, you can be involved at every level: planning events, creating action plans, analyzing data, and working on projects. We want to hear your voices! There are opportunities to participate in local, regional, and possibly even national forums, where you can meet other teens who are involved in improving their communities,too . Come join us!

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact that you can be proud of?