Parents and Caregivers Making a Difference

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Building Better Relationships

Take Parenting Wisely!

Parenting Wisely is an evidence-based educational program that has been proven to help parents and caretakers build a healthier relationship with their teen. A curriculum that normally costs $79.95, the Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition has purchased 50 licenses so that you can take it for free. The program is done entirely online through short video courses and takes approximately 6 hours total to complete. You will go through the curriculum with a group of other parents to give you opportunities to discuss what you are learning and how it could apply to your real-world experiences. Contact us today with questions or to register!

A group of students in class reading, using laptops, and talking.

Discover How You Can Help Prevent Teen Substance Use

Join the Parent Advisory Committee!

We need Easthampton parents and caregivers to join the Parent Advisory Committee. This group meets once a month to discuss the coalition’s objectives and to move projects forward. We will find ways to align your availability and interests with the work of our coalition. Please get in touch and let us become acquainted.

Become a Member of Our Parent Advisory Board

If you are seeking a volunteer opportunity that can change lives, our Parent Advisory Board affords you the opportunity to help set our policies, plan events, and ultimately make Easthampton a better place for teens to thrive. We invite you to join today!