Strengthening Families Program Facilitator Info


Facilitator Training for Family Education Program


Thank you for your interest. There is a 3-day facilitator being planned for October 17-19, 2019, which you can now register for. If you are interested but can't do those dates, please let us know at

The Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition and the Easthampton Public School District have adopted the Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14 (SFP 10-14) for parents/caregivers and middle schoolers in Easthampton. This family support program has a proven track record of making a difference not only in the lives of the families who participate, but also to the whole community.

 What it means to participate in this training:

1. You become a certified facilitator for the SFP 10-14 program.

2. You can then offer this program to families in our community (or anywhere else). This could happen at a place of worship, at school, at local agencies, etc. The Coalition will be heavily promoting the program and recruiting families throughout the year in Easthampton.

3. You agree to facilitate the program in Easthampton at least once (unless you are starting the program in your own community and paying to come to the training), while we build our pool of facilitators.

4. You can choose to focus on working primarily with the youth or with the parents,/caregivers as we need facilitators for both groups (youth and caregivers meet separately each week for the first hour of the program).

5. You can help organize it: at the school, at places of worship, family centers, medical or mental health agencies, etc. Anywhere families can gather, we can offer this program! We will help advertise and promote it if it’s in Easthampton. You just need 3 facilitators to run it, and training manuals.

6. The training is free for anyone who will be teaching it here in Easthampton. Others are welcome to participate as space allows, for a fee of $350 each. NOTE: A discounted rate of $1,000 will be offered if three people register together from the same community.

7. The Coalition intends to offer a modest stipend (about $400) to facilitators each time they facilitate a 7-week program in Easthampton.

Who should become a facilitator?

Various qualities would make you a good facilitator including any or all of the following:

You are already a trainer, teacher or experienced facilitator of other programs (parenting, youth or anything else)

You are passionate about helping parents and youth navigate the teen years successfully.

You are not judgmental of others’ parenting styles, and are open to learning proven techniques for supporting families, including following a fairly scripted program.

You love working with youth and/or you love working with parents/caregivers.

You are committed to preventing underage drug and alcohol use.

You are a good collaborator (remember, there are always 3-4 facilitators for each program series).

You are willing to commit to teaching this to support building up this program.

More about the SFP 10-14 Program:

It is a 7-session program that is offered to families with 10-14 year olds (but seems to attract mostly 10-12 year olds). The program involves both the caregivers AND their youth. In the first hour of each session, the 2 groups meet separately, with one facilitator for the parents/caregivers and 2 facilitators for the youth. Each 7-session program requires 3 facilitators. In the second hour of the session, the two groups come together and do programming as a group. It's a great opportunity for families to both learn skills and practice family bonding! Check out this short 1 minute clip featuring an Easthampton family who participated in the program:        

Additional information may be found on the program website at:

Or read this great local article written about the program: Gazette article about SFP Easthampton program (

If you want more information, please send an email to or call Ruth Ever, the Coalition Coordinator at (413) 207-5725. Space in the training is limited, so while we cannot guarantee you a slot, we hope to have room for all who are interested! If you want to bring SFP 10-14 to your community, we’d love to support that, please be in contact with Ruth.