About Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition

Promoting Safe Communities Supportive to
Teens Developing Brains

Our team at Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition strives to have conversations that count, keeping our youth free from substance use during those crucial years when their brains are developing. Every step of the way, we work together as a community to initiate evidence-based strategies, offer a wealth of resources and make connections that help strengthen the lives of Easthampton youth.
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Celebrating Our Roots.
Striving for a Brighter Future.

Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition started in response to the tragic alcohol-related loss of a teenager within our community in 2007. Initially, we operated as a task force with one clear purpose: to prevent other Easthampton families from losing a young loved one.

In 2013, we won a Drug Free Communities grant that transformed our task force into the coalition it is today, bringing together Easthampton families, community members, teachers, law enforcement, town leaders and young people to carry out our primary goal of working together to prevent youth substance use and support healthy choices.

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Diverse Programs that
Make a Difference

Whether we are working with police, parents and youth to carry out compliance checks, hosting educational events or collecting data that illuminate the issues we face, coalition volunteers, partners, and staff are committed to results that support healthy youth.

In our work together, we seek to minimize the environmental factors that increase risk to youth and maximize the factors that protect youth. We do this across all community sectors, including schools, health care, community organizations, law enforcement, etc. Strengthening every facet of our community helps to create a safe, consistent and united place for youth to live, learn and grow.

Discover More About Our Work

If you’re interested in learning more about how our family at Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition makes an impact, we invite you to explore Our Work page.

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