Healthy Youth Coalition

Strengthening the lives of Easthampton youth through connection, communication, community

Five young adults in a group, laying on the floor, smiling at the camera while looking up

The Easthampton Healthy Youth Coalition promotes healthy choices among young people while working to prevent youth substance use during the crucial years of brain development. The coalition encourages youth to make healthy decisions and promotes family engagement and community connections to increase resilience and bolster protective factors that help young people thrive and avoid risky behavior.

We believe that as a community working together, we can increase awareness, knowledge and compassion around the risks of youth substance use. The coalition fosters opportunities for positive youth activities and connections within our schools and other community institutions.

The coalition sits within the city’s Health Department, working with stakeholders from all sectors of the community at the table to promote a culture that will support young people.

Mission Statement:
The coalition supports youth in making healthy decisions, preventing substance use, and avoiding other risky behaviors. We work together to foster increased awareness, active youth and family engagement, and community involvement.

Reducing substance use and promoting healthy behavior - a community-wide approach.

We partner with schools, city leaders, police, parents, teens, youth-serving community organizations, faith groups, the medical community, and representatives from the business community. All of these stakeholders work together to create a healthier, happier, more productive community.

Our impact has been strong: we helped raise the legal age for tobacco to 21, introduced several evidence-based programs to our schools and community, and worked with police on alcohol compliance checks and training for alcohol servers. We organized community vigils to raise awareness about the dangers of substance misuse and fight stigma, presented community town halls and educational events about the developing brain, positive parenting and other important issues of interest to families.

The results speak for themselves

Old town hall image in Easthampton Ma
Image by Sven Kielhorn

It Takes a Community
Working Together to Make
Real Change

Together, we will foster a healthy culture and build resilience in young people and their families in our community.

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